Dishoom Entertainment

Dishoom offers: Film Production, TV Ads, Radio Jingles, Music Videos, Documentaries, Distribution & Marketing! 


1. The sound when a bullet flies through the air, or someone lands a punch in an old Bollywood film, made famous in the 1975 Ramesh Sippy film, Sholay starring Amitabh Bachchan,  Considered to be a Curry Western and one of the highest grossing films in Bollywood.

After spending over 20 years behind the scenes and growing with the South Asian Community in the music, film, arts, political, and chairty scene, DISHOOM!  Entertainment has arrived to land a power packed punch to revolutionize communications to the local growing South Asian Community.

We offer full video and music services.  Having been pioneers in the South Asian Entertainment industry and helping  it grow from infancy, we have truly been there through out the journey.  No one understands the South Asian community like our team of professionals and leaders from all over the world.

We provide full project management services for all of your entertainment and communications projects.